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Call for Nominations of Sensors Council Officers

Term 2017-2018

The Sensors Council Nominations Committee requests nominations for qualified individuals to fill the following Council officer positions for the 2017-2018 term:

  1. Vice-President for Finance (2-year term, renewable once)
  2. Vice Chair Standards Committee (2017)
    The Vice Chair shall be a member of any grade of the IEEE, except Student grade, or IEEE Society affiliates, and also a member of the IEEE-SA (IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws 5.2.1). The officers shall organize the Sponsor; oversee the Sponsor’s compliance with these Policies and Procedures; and submit proposed documents approved by the Sponsor (with supporting documentation) for appropriate review and approval by the IEEE-SA Standards Board. Officers shall read the training material available through IEEE Standards Development Online.

For more details, refer to this.

The deadline for nominations is 1 October 2016.