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Sensors Council provides you here with two products, one List of Review Papers and two Table of Tutorials.

Review Papers on Sensors

The tutorials provided here have been contributed by researchers and scientists with expertise in multiple disciplines from across the technical profile of the IEEE Sensors Council.  We hope you find them informative and useful.  Please respect the copyright notices as noted within the individual presentations. If you are interested in contributing your own tutorial to the program, please click here or contact Ravinder Dahiya (Ravinder Dahiya), with CC to Andrei M. Shkel (Andrei Shkel), and Judy Scharmann (Judy). Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Area Title Download
Terahertz Sensing Technology Terahertz Sensing Technology by Michael Shur pdf-file (5.2MB)
Sensor Signal Processing and Array Sensor Fusion Smart Sensors Systems Design by Sergey Yurish pdf-file (40MB)
CAD Modeling and Testing Sensors Modeling of Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators by Reinhard Lerch pdf-file (10.6MB)
Chemical and Biological Sensors ISFET, Theory and Practice by P. Bergveld pdf-file (860 Kb)
Optoelectronic and Photonic Sensors Electro-Optic Sensors for RF Electric Fields:  a Diagnostic Tool for Microwave Circuits and Antennas by John Whitaker, Kyoung Yang, Ron Reano, and Linda Katehi pdf-file(2.4 Mb)
Mass Sensitive Devices Wireless Passive SAW Identification Marks and Sensors by Leonhard Reindl pdf-file(6.9 Mb)
Mass Sensitive Devices Resonant Piezoelectric Devices as Physical and Biochemical Sensors by Fabien Josse and Richard W. Cernosek HTML
Magnetic Sensors Magnetic Sensors: An Overview by Evangelos Hristoforou pdf-file(1.3 Mb)
Other Topics Dynamic Offset-Cancellation Techniques by Kofi Makinwa pdf-file(1.1 Mb)