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The IEEE Sensors Council has no individual members. It has only member societies; 26 of them.

Per the IEEE Technical Activities Operations Manual,
“4.1.B. IEEE Technical Councils

IEEE Technical Councils may be established by the IEEE Technical Activities Board for the purpose of
providing a continuing mechanism for two or more IEEE Societies, called Member Societies, to work
together in a multi-disciplinary technical area of mutual interest, primarily through conferences and
publications. A technical council has Member Societies but no individual members. In all respects except
membership, a Technical Council operates generally like a Society. The representatives on the Technical
Councils, are to be designated by the Member Societies, and are to elect their own President and other
officers. Other policies and operational details shall be specified by each Technical Council. (excerpt
from IEEE Bylaw I-401.) Creation of a new IEEE Technical Council must be endorsed by the IEEE Technical
Activities Board, and approved by the IEEE Board of Directors.”