2008 Sensors Council Awards

1. The 2008 Technical Achievement Award
Name of the winner Credits
Dr. Michael Shur Achievements as the inventor and leading scientist for terahertz electronics sensors technology for applications ranging from homeland security to medical imaging and cancer diagnostics; for his many contributions to the field of sensors; and with sincere appreciation of his impact on the sensors community throughout the world.
2. The 2008 Meritorious Service Award
Name of the winner Credits
Robert T. Bannon Establishing and furthering the objectives of the Sensors Council. His impact upon the Sensors Council extends far beyond his terms of service as President and Secretary/Treasurer. Under his leadership, he has demonstrated great dedication to ensuring the financial stability and surplus growth of the Sensors Council and fostering a cooperative environment with the sustaining member Societies and global Sensors community.
3. The 2008 Sensors Journal Best Paper Award
Name of the winner Credits
  1. I. M. White
  2. Hongying Zhu
  3. J. Suter
  4. N. M. Hanumegowda
  5. H. Oveys
  6. M. Zourob
  7. Xudong Fan
Paper: “Refractometric sensors for lab-on-a-chip based on optical ring resonators“, IEEE Sensors Journal, vol.7, no. 1, January 2007.”This paper presents and demonstrates a new technique for sensitive and reliable detection of biochemical analytes in very small sample volumes, compatible with high-thoughput microfluidic technology for lab-on-a-chip biosensing applications. Evanescent wave coupling accurately resolves small changes in refractive index by analytes binding to the surface of optical microring or microsphere resonators. Sensitivities of 30nm/RIU and detections limits of 10^7 RIU (refractive index units) are demonstrated, at only picoliter sample volumes