2009 Sensors Council Awards

1. The 2009 Technical Achievement Award
Name of the winner Credits
Dr. Andrei M. Shkel Pioneering developments in the area of MEMS gyroscopes, including the invention of micro-machined rate integrating gyroscopes.
2. The 2009 Sensors Journal Best Paper Award
Name of the winner Credits
  1. Zhiwei Zou
  2. Soohyun Lee
  3. C.H. Ahn
Paper: “A polymer microfluidic chip with interdigitated electrodes arrays for simultaneous dielectrophoretic manipulation and impedimetric detection of microparticles“, IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 8, no. 5-6, May-June 2008.

The paper presents an early example of an important and growing topic in microfluidic devices, the exploration of coupling of several actuating and sensing elements. The work offers a set of new analysis methods, resulting in a much faster analysis with very small samples.