2010 Sensors Council Awards

1. The 2010 Technical Achievement Award
Name of the winner Credits
Prof. Brian Cunningham cunningham Invention, development, and commercialization of biosensors and detection instrumentation using photonic crystals.
2. The 2010 Meritorious Service Award
Name of the winner Credits
Prof. Michiel Vellekoop contributions to the effective startup of the IEEE Sensors Council as a founding member of the Administrative Committee. Serving as the Vice-President for Conferences, he made the IEEE SENSORS conferences a success by establishing standards pertaining to scientific quality, and providing effective management of the conference.
3. The 2010 Early Career GOLD Award
Name of the winner Credits
Dr. Ville Viikari Substantial contributions to the advancement of wireless sensor technology and a demonstrated ability to lead international projects to successful completion – providing the IEEE GOLD community with an example of a passionate attitude towards one’s profession.
4. The 2010 Sensors Journal Best Paper Award
Name of the winner Credits
  1. G.M. Hwang
  2. L. Pang
  3. E.H. Mullen
  4. Y. Fainman
Paper: “Plasmonic Sensing of Biological Analytes Through Nanoholes“, IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 8 (12), pp. 2074-2079, Dec. 2008.The paper demonstrates a unique optical sensing mechanism and nanostructure in microfluidics for label-free detection of chemical and biomolecular analytes by surface plasmon resonance. The optical detection method achieves an excellent sensitivity of 6.6 10-5 refractive index units, demonstrated for specific detection of pathogens.


5. The 2010 Sensors Journal Best Paper Runner-Up Award
Name of the winner Credits
  1. L. Luan
  2. R.D. Evan
  3. N.M. Jokers
  4. R.B. Fair
Paper: “Integrated Optical Sensor in a Digital Microfluidic Platform“, IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 8, pp. 628-635, May-June 2008.