Section 1. The Council shall be composed of IEEE Societies that have demonstrated a strong interest in Sensors and are supporting technical activities in the field. These Societies must agree to share the responsibility for all obligations of the Council, including financial obligations, in accordance with this Constitution and the Council Bylaws.

Section 2. Each new Member Society must be approved by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting members of the Council AdCom, and by the IEEE Technical Activities Board before it may join the Council.

Section 3. If a Member Society does not have any representative present at any of the Council AdCom meetings held during a calendar year and is inactive in Council affairs, the Member Society may be dropped from Council membership. Notice of such proposed action shall be given to the President of the delinquent Society at least twenty days before the Council AdCom meeting where such action will be considered. Such action must be approved by two-thirds of the AdCom members present and voting and by the IEEE Technical Activities Board before it becomes final.

Section 4. The Officers of the Council shall be as follows: President, the Immediate Past-President, the President-elect, the Vice-President for Technical Operations, the Vice- President for Conferences, the Vice-President For Publications, the Vice President for Finances, and the Secretary-Treasurer, all serving as the Council’s Executive Committee, and all serving as ex officio, voting members of its AdCom (Administrative Committee).

Section 5. Council business will be conducted by its AdCom that shall include both voting and non-voting members. The voting members shall be:

a. One representative to be appointed by each Member Society. b. The Officers of the Council.

An individual may not serve concurrently as both a Council officer and a Member Society representative. When a Member Society representative is elected to a Council office, the Council office shall take precedence over the Society appointment, and any resulting vacancy(s) shall be filled promptly by the appropriate Society.
Section 6. Each representative and officer on the Council must be an IEEE member. Section 7. The term of office of a Member Society representative on the Council shall be
two years. Societies assigned an even number for accounting purposes shall have their
representative’s term begin in even years, and societies assigned an odd number shall have their representative’s term begin in odd years. No Society representative shall be eligible to serve more than four consecutive years. An unexpired term filled for more than six months shall count as a full year. Reappointment after the completion of any term of four consecutive years may be made only after a lapse of one year.

Section 8. When a within-term Council representative vacancy occurs, the Council President shall request the appropriate Society to appoint a representative to complete the unexpired term.

Section 9. The non-voting ex-officio members of the Council AdCom will be:
a. The Director of the Division in which the Council resides. b. The TAB Staff Secretary.
c. The IEEE Executive Director.
d. The IEEE Vice-President for Technical Activities.

Section 10. Any other IEEE Society that is not a member of the Council may send a non- voting liaison representative to attend for the purpose of establishing lines of communication between the Council and the parent Society represented.