Section 1. The AdCom shall elect every two years a President-Elect whose term of office will be for two years. The President-Elect shall assume the Presidency for a two-year term at the conclusion of his/her term as President-Elect. On a schedule specified by the Bylaws, the AdCom shall also elect a Vice-President for Conferences, a Vice-President for Technical Operations, a Vice-President for Publications, and a Vice President for Finances. Eligibility and terms of office for the Officers of the Council are specified by the Bylaws.

Section 2. Officers shall be elected and appointed in accordance with the rules specified in the Council Bylaws.

Section 3. If the Office of President becomes vacant, the President-Elect shall become President for the remainder of the term assumed. If the President is incapacitated, the duties of the President shall be performed by the President-Elect for the duration of the President’s incapacity, when the incapacity is certified by a majority of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the President, and under written and time-limited delegation from the President, the President-Elect may also carry out the duties of the President. If the office of the President-Elect, or a Vice-President becomes vacant, the voting members of the Council AdCom shall promptly elect a new officer. If the office of Immediate Past President becomes vacant, the President may appoint another Past President to that office.