Section 1. The financial support for the Council shall be derived from subscription sales of Council Publications, any surplus from the Conferences organized or sponsored by the Council, other programs and products sponsored by the Council, and allocations of funds provided by the Member Societies.

Section 2. The Council may raise revenues by other means provided such means are consistent with applicable IEEE rules and regulations and are within the approved Council field of interest. The Council must receive an opinion from the General Manager of the IEEE that any revenue means not explicitly covered by IEEE Statements of Policy does not conflict with IEEE policy before being adopted by the Council.

Section 3. Monies held by or for the Council legally belong to the IEEE, and shall not be expended for activities prohibited by the Constitution, Bylaws and Statements of Policy of the Institute, the Constitution and Bylaws of the Council, or any other purposes known to be inimical to the interests of the IEEE. Returns from investment of Council funds shall be credited to the Council.