Section 1. Sections of this Constitution may be adopted or amended by action of the Council at a regular or special meeting if the following provisions are met:

a. Notice of the meeting and of the proposed change(s) must be mailed by first-class mail to the last-known address of each member of the Council AdCom at least twenty-five days prior to such meeting.

b. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the votes cast by the members of the Council AdCom is required for passage.

c. An amendment may be approved by a mail ballot if at least a thirty-day period is provided for responses, and two-thirds of the entire Council AdCom votes affirmatively.

d. The Amendment shall become effective immediately after ratification by the IEEE Technical
Activities Board.

Section 2. The Constitution, Bylaws, and Statements of Policy of the IEEE shall, at all times, take precedence over those of the Council.

Section 3 All amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall become effective immediately after all required approvals have been obtained, unless a later date has been specified at the time of the vote.