Sensors Council Awards Procedure

The awards procedures are administered by the IEEE Sensors Council Awards Chair (AC), who is appointed by the IEEE Sensors Council President each year, before January 20.

1. IEEE Sensors Council AWARDS

The IEEE Sensors Council presents annually five awards:

  • IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award – 4 Awards: An Early Career and an Advanced Career Award in the field of Sensors; and an Early Career and an Advanced Career Award in the field of Sensor Systems or Networks
  • IEEE Sensors Council Meritorious Service Award
  • IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Award
  • IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Runner-Up Award
  • IEEE Sensors Council Early Career (Young Professionals) Award

The Awards Chair appoints award committee chairs for each of the Council awards. (The Best Paper and Runner Up awards are handled by the same committee). Award committee chairs are typically members of the ExCom responsible for the corresponding area.

With the AC approval, the committee chairs appoint members of their committees. Each award committee should include at least three members including the chair. For the Sensors Journal best paper awards, members should include the present/past editors (EICs, senior or associate editors) of the Journal or related publications. The committee lists are to be approved by the Awards Chair by February 15 of the award year.

2.1 Nominations
Invitations for Nominations for the all the Council’s awards shall be published on the IEEE Sensors Council Web Site and in the IEEE Sensors Council E-Newsletter by February 15 of the award year. Call for Nominations shall also be distributed to the Council AdCom, the Sensors Journal Editorial Board, Council Chapters, and to Editors of Member Society Newsletters, with a request that the Call be published. The deadline for nomination for the Council awards submissions is May 15 of the award year.

2.2 Conflict of Interest
Award committee members may not nominate or endorse candidates for the award that their committe is adjudicating, nor can they be considered for that award.

2.3 Adjudication
Each award committee shall collect the complete nomination material of the related award and propose the recipient to the Awards Chair by May 31. If there are multiple worthy nominations, an alternate will also be submitted. If a committee decides that none of the nominees meets the high standards for a given award, that award shall not be given in that year. The award committee chair shall communicate this result to the Awards Chair with appropriate justification. The Awards Chair will forward the award recommendations to the Council’s President. After approval, the Council President shall inform the AdCom of the selected winners. The President will inform the selected awardees and announce the results appropriately (target date: June 15).

2.4 Presentation
The Awards are to be presented to the awardees at an appropriate event held in conjunction with the annual IEEE SENSORS Conference.