How To Use

The MYOSA Board
The basic concept of MYOSA is “Plug and Play”. Follow these simple steps and use MYOSA without any hassle:

1. Choose all the sensors you need for your project.
2. Plug in the sensors to the MYOSA Board. For multiple sensors, one sensor can be cascaded to the other sensor.
3.Plug in the OLED Screen to the board and get the reading and output of the connected sensors.
4. Make customized modifications in the code for using the sensor outputs to trigger the actuators. Plug in actuators like micromotors and LEDs will be provided in the kit.
5. Use the digital pins of the MYOSA Board to develop hardware extensions for an advanced project.
6.There you go, your project is ready!

The firmware

All you need to do to make changes in your creative project is –

1. Download the code
2. Make changes in the .ino file

MYOSA Firmware Code

The MYOSA Mobile Application
The mobile application of MYOSA is a platform for visualizing your project and making extensions to it. Follow these steps to use the application:

1. Open the application, and pair it with the MYOSA Board via Bluetooth connection.
2. After a successful connection, all the sensors connected to the board are displayed in the form of tiles on the screen.
3. The line graph of the readings of all the connected sensors will be displayed. Store the readings for future use.
4. For each sensor, you can set a threshold. If the output crosses the threshold, a notification will be sent to you!