Mobile Application

The MYOSA mobile application has been developed with an aim to bridge the gap between the entire MYOSA system and the user. The user can simply download the mobile app and get connected to his/her own project developed using the MYOSA hardware and firmware. The connection takes place via bluetooth. Once connected, the app provides a great interface for extending the usability of the sensor based project.

Features of mobile app:

Access to sensor readings

The mobile app periodically fetches the readings and outputs of the sensors connected to the MYOSA motherboard. The data observed on the OLED display is uploaded to the app via Bluetooth module and updated from time to time. The graphs of the readings of each sensors are also plotted. The user can study the changing trends of the sensor values using these graphs. Thus, the app provides a very handy and easy access to the sensors data.

Event Creation

The mobile app provides a very interesting feature of ‘event creation’ to visualize and manage the behavior of one’s  MYOSA project in particular situations. This feature allows the user to create an event using all/some of the connected sensors. The range of readings can be set for the selected sensors. If the value of those particular sensors violate the range, then the appropriate actuators will be triggered. For example, if the event is ‘Fire detection and alarm’, then the user can set the thresholds for the air quality sensor (for smoke detection), luminosity sensor and the temperature sensor accordingly. If the values of these sensors exceed the thresholds, then the buzzer (actuator) will be triggered. Thus the user can be made aware whenever a fire outbreak occurs! At a time, 3 simultaneous events can be created. Many more useful events can be thought of and implemented via this feature.

Availability of local database
The values of all the connected sensors are backed up in an excel sheet which will be stored in the internal storage of the mobile on which the app is downloaded. This data can be stored and used in future if needed. The trend analysis can also be done using the sensor values captured over a specific period of time.Read more
Modifiable and Open source code
The entire code of the MYOSA mobile app has been made open source and available for modification. The user can add different features as required for his/her own MYOSA project. This enhances the extension of the project to a new level and and provides the opportunity of customization to the user.