Sensors Council Branding Resources

IEEE Sensors Council Logo
The IEEE Sensors Council logo shall be displayed only for IEEE Sensors Council events (i.e., financially sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE Sensors Council) or for events technically co-sponsored by Sensors Council (with the specification “technically co-sponsored by IEEE Sensors Council”). Download

Sensors Council Chapter Logos
Chapters may use the approved Sensors Council chapter logos provided for their chapter for any local chapter activities (such as newsletters, chapter website, chapter social media, chapter meetings etc.).  A vertical and horizontal version of the chapter logos are provided for the chapters to choose from.

Logo Usage Guidelines:
Individual Sensors Council chapter logos can be found here.

The entire logo image shall be used as a unit with the specified spacing – it is not to be distorted in any way.

For those events that are organized by or co-sponsored by a Sensors Council Chapter, organizers shall refer to the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual, Section 10 on Conferences regarding the proper use of the IEEE and Organizational Unit logos