Sensors Tutorial Program

The IEEE Sensors Council was formed in 1999 as part of an effort to consolidate sensors-related activity within the IEEE.  The council currently has representatives from 26 member societies, a quarterly journal publication, and is just coming off a very successful 1st IEEE Sensors Conference.

The council now aims to implement a web-based “sensors tutorial” program.  In brief, the plan for the program is to:

  • Request high-quality tutorial-type lectures from sensors experts that relate to a broad range of disciplines and technologies.  The preferred format for the tutorials is Powerpoint.
  • Organize the lectures according to sensor type and audience (e.g., practicing professional or student) and post on the Sensors Council website.
  • Make the lectures available for free download; users would be required to provide contact information and requested to complete a questionnaire.

We’re presently in the ‘fact finding’ stage of this program, and details need to be worked out.  For example, we hope to avoid copyright and royalty issues which would complicate distribution.  If you are interested in participating in this educational program, please respond to the short list of questions below.

Please return your responses to Elfed Lewis, Vice President – Technical Operations.
Elfed.Lewis[at] (Attn: Elfed Lewis)

(Please copy and paste the questions with your answers.)

  1. Briefly describe the technical area and recommended audience of your potential contribution(s).
  2. What is the soonest that you could make the material available?
  3. Would you recommend any type of restrictions on the distribution? (e.g., we could require users to supply a valid IEEE member number.)
  4. Do you have any concerns or recommendations about copyright and/or royalty issues?
  5. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?