The tutorials provided here have been contributed by researchers with expertise in multiple disciplines from across the technical profile of the IEEE Sensors Council.

We maintain our tutorials on our YouTube Channel. These are the tutorials that had been presented during IEEE SENSORS conferences and recorded with the presenter’s consent. We hope you find them informative and useful. Please respect the copyright notices. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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IEEE SENSORS 2019 (Montreal) Tutorials

3D-printing: Technology, Materials and Applications

Applications of Machine Learning in Sensing

IEEE SENSORS 2018 (New Delhi) Tutorials

Multivariable Gas Sensors: Delivering selectivity and stability for Modern Applications

Air-Microfluids: Emerging Microfluidic Technologies for Ubiquitous Air-Quality Sensing

Sensing Based on 2D Nanosheets of Functional Materials

IEEE Sensors 2016 (Orlando) Tutorials

Sensing at the Nanoscale

3D Printing Technologies Materials and Applications

BioFos Micro ring Resonator Based Biophotonic System for Food Analysis

Context Aware Ultra Low Power Energy Harvested IOT Sensor Nodes

Introduction to Optical Fiber Based Sensors

Machine Olfacton Technologies

Photonic Electric Field Sensors

Sustainability in Sensors and Sensor System

Smart Gas Sensors for Mobile Applications

Network Sensing System

Scanning MEMS Mirrirs and Their Sensing and Imaging Applications

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IEEE Sensors 2014 (Valencia) Tutorials

Terahertz Electronics for Sensing Applications

3D Integration and packaging

Vibrational spectroscopy

Piezoelectric resonant MEMS/NEMS devices for sensing applications

Selected issues in multivariate data analysis

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IEEE Sensors 2013 (Baltimore) Tutorials

Design and analysis of MEMS gyroscopes

Technologies for an implantable nano bio sensing laboratory

Technologies for wireless biosystems

Energy considerations and self powered devices

System integration examples of innovative health products

Ultimate MEMS sensors

Starting a medical monitoring company from scratch

Bioelectronics its future in your health and well being

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IEEE Sensors 2012 (Taipei) Tutorials

Analog, MEMS and sensors enable our mobile devices into a smart world

MEMS design

Wafer level vacuum packaging for sensors

Heat replaces batteries to power wireless sensors

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