2-Day International Webinar on "Women Leading Technology" on 13-14 Dec

IEEE Gujarat Section Sensors Council's Women in Sensors (WiSe) group and the Signal Processing Society Chapter's Women in Signal Processing (WISP) group along with the Educational Activities Committee of Sensors Council are jointly organizing an International Webinar called Women Leading Technology (WoLT) during 13-14 Dec 2021.

Day-1 is completely devoted to sharing the success stories of Women Entrepreneurs from Sensors (Rajul Patkar), IT (Anupama Panchal), Pharmaceuticals (Devina Bharadwaj) and Handicrafts (Anuradha Upadhyay) domains. The inaugural speech will be delivered by Nita Patel (IEEE WIE ILC founding President and IEEE Computer Society President-elect 2022). To engage with the engineering students and young professionals, this day will end with a talk by Anil Roy (VP-Technical Operations, IEEE Sensors Council and Faculty,DA-IICT, India) on "How to write a technical paper".

Day-2 is planned as a Seasonal School sponsored by the Educational Activities Committee of the IEEE Sensors Council on the theme "Sensors and Signals". It is scheduled with four technical talks (1. Giancarlo Fortino, University of Calabria, Rende, Italy; 2. Elena Bergamini, University of Rome, Italy; 3. Akihiko Sugiyama, Yahoo! Japan Research, Tokyo, Japan and 4. Maryam Shojaei, IIT Bombay, India) of state-of-the-art development in the area of sensors and signals.

For the detailed schedule, visit the WoLT website here.

Target audience: Students, researchers, and faculty members, industry professionals, and practitioners

Registration is free but mandatory.



Special Offer: Exciting prizes worth Rs.10,000/- will be given to the winners of the technical quiz!!!

1. Hansa Shingrakhiya
2. Mita Paunwala