The Sensors Council encourages and promotes organization of Seasonal Schools (Summer/Winter) in different locations of the world. These should be organized in the format of a thematic workshop. We also partially sponsor these seasonal schools.

Organizers of the Seasonal Schools are encouraged to invite our DL Speakers in these events. Learn more about our DLP here.

All chapters of the Sensors Council are expected to plan and organize such seasonal schools at their location. To facilitate the process, the organizing committee may seek advice from our Educational Activity Committee. Please do not hesitate in writing to the Education Activity Chair, Please do not hesitate to contact the Educational Activities Chair, Krikor Ozanyan with a copy to Brooke Johnson.

Open Access

To help authors gain maximum exposure for their groundbreaking research and application-oriented articles, IEEE Sensors Journal offers the option for open access (OA) publishing with a fee of $ 2195.

Even in case of publication not in OA, the author(s) or their company/institution will be asked, after the acceptance of a manuscript for publication, to pay a voluntary fee of $ 110 per page to offset the cost of publication.

Proposal for Seasonal School

Sensors Council is soliciting proposals for organizing Summer/Winter/Seasonal School focused on a Sensors theme. If you are interested in organizing one at your location, please send your proposal to the Education Activity Chair, Krikor Ozanyan (email: with a copy to Brooke Johnson (email:

Please read the Guidelines for Seasonal School Proposal and prepare your proposal accordingly.

Reporting a Seasonal School

The Organizers are expected to submit a formal report of the School to the Education Activity Chair, Krikor Ozanyan (email: with a copy to Brooke Johnson (email: If your seasonal school is partially funded by the Sensors Council, this fund will be released only after the submission of this report. The template of the Report Submission may be downloaded by clicking on the link here.

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