About Council

The purpose of a council is to provide “a continuing mechanism for two (2) or more IEEE Societies, called Member Societies, to work together in a multi-disciplinary technical area of mutual interest, primarily through conferences and publications.” (References: IEEE Bylaws I-401.6, and the TAB Operations Manual, para. 4.8.)

The IEEE Sensors Council was formally constituted in June 1998 with presidents of 14 IEEE Societies, the founding societies, signing the petition for its formation. Per ARTICLE II, Section 1 of the Sensors Council Constitution, The fields of interest of the Council and its activities shall be the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, with emphasis on the electronics, physics and reliability aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators.

Currently, there are 26 member societies. Each society is represented on the Administrative Committee (AdCom) by its member society appointed representative.

The IEEE Sensors Council was first included in Division I of IEEE in June 1999. Its formal term began 1 Jan 2000 with John R Vig as its first President. The first President-elect was Franco Maloberti.

Old Governing Documents