IEEE Sensors Journal History

Preparation for Launching the IEEE Sensors Journal

In the year 2000, the year before the first issue of the IEEE Sensors Journal was published, the IEEE Sensors Council rented an exhibit booth at the leading sensor conference at the time, “Transducers,” which was held in Denmark that year. The full name of this conference is International Conference on Solid State Sensors and Actuators (TRANSDUCERS). John Vig staffed the booth with the help of two IEEE volunteers the local section, the Denmark Section, provided.

Also exhibiting at this conference was Elsevier, the publisher of the dominant sensor journal in the field at the time, Sensors and Actuators, Parts A and B. The subscription prices of Sensors and Actuators have been in the thousands of dollar range, while the initial price of the IEEE Sensors Journal was USD 19 a year.  So, one of the posters in the IEEE booth said “Publish in a journal you can afford.”  Photos of the booths may be seen here.

Inaugural Edition of IEEE Sensors Journal

IEEE Sensors Journal History

IEEE Sensors Journal Growth