Student Branch Chapters

Polytech Sfax, Tunisia (R8)
Date of formation: 18 Mar 2018
Chair: Amine Elloumi

Ecole Nationale D’Ingenieurs De Tunis, Tunisia (R8)
Date of formation: 18 Jun 2018
Chair: Khalil Chihaoui

National Technical Univ of Athens, Greece (R8)
Date of formation: 6 Mar 2019
Chair: Anastasios Michelis

Univ Tecnologica de Pereira, Colombia (R9)
Date of formation: 15 Aug 2018
Chair: Yineth Martinez

Uni Nac de Colombia Sede Bogota, Colombia (R9)
Date of Formation: 3 Dec 2019
Chair: Edwin Pineda Vargas

Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia (R9)
Date of formation: 18 Nov 2019
Chair: Cristhian Carpio

Indian Inst of Science-Bangalore, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 27 Feb 2013
Chair: Shubhangi Bhardwaj

University of Lahore, Pakistan (R10)
Date of formation: 21 March 2018
Chair: Muhammad Arslan Younas

PES Institute of Technology-Bangalore, India (R10)
Date of formation: 6 Aug 2018
Chair: Radeen Polina

Malaviya National Inst of Tech, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 30 Jan 2019
Chair: Kamal Kishor Choure

B. M. Sreenivasalah College of Engg, India (R10)
Date of formation: 23 Mar 2019
Chair: Prathibha R

Southwest Jiaotong Univ, China (R10)
Date of Formation: 23 Mar 2019
Chair: Xunjun Chen

Siddaganga Institute of Tech, India (R10)
Date of formation: 9 July 2019
Chair: Bharath Shekar

Pranveer Singh Institute of Tech, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 14 Sep 2019
Chair: Sushant Agarwal

Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore, India (R10)
Date of formation: 9 Nov 2019
Chair: Sri Sai Apoorva T

Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 24 Jan 2020
Chair: Abhijith B

Tulas Institute, Dehradun, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 18 Mar 2020
Chair: Sahabzada Badar

Jamia Millia Islamia-Faculty of Engineering, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 12 June 2020
Chair: Aftab Alam

Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology Student Branch Chapter, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 24 June 2020
Chair: Sparsh Jindal

Central University of Haryana, India (R10)
Date of Formation: 21 September 2020
Chair: Akshat Kant

Harbin Institute of Tech – Main Campus, China(IM09/SEN39)
Date of Formation: 10 August 2020
Chair: Song Yuchen

How to Create a New IEEE Sensors Council Chapter
If you are interested in forming a Sensors Council Chapter, please follow the procedures outlined at this link: Creating a Chapter. Please contact Chair of the committee on chapters, Brent Lunceford, at, in case of further queries.

Request Distinguished Lecturer to give a lecture at your Chapter
Please contact the Vice President – Technical Operations, Anil Roy, at directly, should you need funding and/or need to contact a DL Speaker at your Chapter meeting.

Request Funding for Chapter Events
Please contact the Vice President – Technical Operations, Anil Roy, at directly, should you need funding and/or need to contact a potential lecturer for your Chapter’s meeting.

IEEE Sensors Council Outstanding Chapter Award
This award, constituted in 2017, is given to the best chapter in a given calendar year based on activity. The prize is $1,000 USD and a certificate. All chapters of the IEEE Sensors Council are eligible for this award. The submission deadline for the 2020 Outstanding Chapter Award is December 15, 2020. To apply for this award, please complete the online nomination form by the deadline.

IEEE Sensors Council Outstanding Chapter Award Winners

  • 2019 – IEEE Sensors Council France Section Chapter
  • 2018 – IEEE Gujarat Section Chapter
  • 2017 – IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section Chapter