Nominations are due May 15, 2024.

Presentations. These annual awards are presented at the IEEE SENSORS Conference — held typically in late October or early November each year. Selected award winners may be announced on the IEEE Sensors Council website, newsletter, and Council social media — FacebookTwitter and/or LinkedIn.

Sensors Council Award Procedures. The detailed procedures are available in the official Sensors Council Award Procedures

In case of discrepancy, the award rules listed in the IEEE TAB awards manual will prevail.

2023 IEEE Sensors Council Award Recipients

IEEE Sensors Council Lifetime Contribution Award

Krikor Ozanyan
For sustained contributions to the IEEE Sensors Council's publications and conferences in multiple leadership positions, especially outstanding service as the Editor-in-Chief and VP Publications during the IEEE Sensors Journal's time of dramatic growth

IEEE Sensors Council Meritorious Service Award

Andrei Shkel
For his multiple important leadership services to this Council, one of the most impactful being the IEEE INERTIAL Conference that he has started and led to worldwide recognition

Technical Achievement Award in Sensor Systems or Networks – Early Career

Jeronimo Segovia-Fernandez
For his contributions to unveiling the sources of damping, nonlinearities, phase noise, and aging in piezoelectric BAW resonators

Technical Achievement Award in Sensor Systems or Networks – Advanced Career

Mike Mcshane
For his contributions to “smart tattoos”, implantable biomaterials addressable using external optical devices for long-term monitoring to improve human health

Technical Achievement Award in Sensors – Advanced Career

Mona Jarrahi
For pioneering contributions to terahertz sensing and imaging systems

IEEE Internet of Things Journal Outstanding Service Award

John Vig
For the contributions to the establishment and the growth of the IEEE Internet of Things Journal

2022 IEEE Sensors Council Outstanding Chapter Award

IEEE Galveston Bay Section Joint Chapter

IEEE Sensors Council Young Professional Award

Shawana Tabassum
For her exemplary contributions in mentoring young researchers within the IEEE Young Professional program and for her dedication in sensor research and development

Oustanding Service Award For Promoting Gender Diversity

Sinead O’Keeffe
In recognition of her strong advocacy and groundbreaking efforts for gender diversity as well as her meticulous attention to sensitization of the community to gender diversity, within the IEEE Sensors Council, and among the wider sensors community

IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Award

For the paper : "MS-YOLO: Object Detection Based on YOLOv5 Optimized Fusion Millimeter-Wave Radar and Machine Vision"
Yunyun Song
Zhengyu Xie
Xinwei Wang
Yingquan Zou

IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Award Runner-Up

For the paper : "Toward a Bio-Inspired Acoustic Sensor: Achroia grisella’s Ear"
Lara Diaz-garcia
Andrew Reid
Xinwei Wang
Yingquan Zou

IEEE Internet of Things Journal Best Paper Award

For the paper : "Smart Bandage With Wireless Strain and Temperature Sensors and Batteryless NFC Tag"
Pablo Escobedo
Mitradip Bhattacharjee
Fatemeh Nikbakhtnasrabadi
Ravinder Dahiya

IEEE Internet of Things Journal Best Paper Award Runner-Up

For the paper : "Lab-on-a-Fish: Wireless, Miniaturized, Fully Integrated, Implantable Biotelemetric Tag for Real-Time In Vivo Monitoring of Aquatic Animals"
Yang Yang
Jun Lu
Brett D Pflugrath
Huidong Li
Jayson J Martinez
Siddhartha Regmi
Bingbin Wu
Jie Xiao
Zhiqun Daniel Deng

IEEE Sensors Letters Best Paper Award

For the paper : "Versatile 126–182 GHz UWB D-Band FMCW Radar for Industrial and Scientific Applications"
Simon Kueppers
Timo Jaeschke
Nils Pohl
Jan Barowski

IEEE Sensors Letters Best Paper Runner-Up Award

For the paper : "Ear Electrocardiography With Soft Graphene Textiles for Hearable Applications"
Saygun Guler
Ata Golparvar
Ozberk Ozturk
Murat Kaya Yapici

Sensors Journal Best Topical Editor Award

Subhas Mukhopadhyay

Sensors Journal Best Associate Editor Award

Carlos Marques

Sensors Journal Best Reviewer Award

Huanyu Cheng
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Sensors Council Volunteers who are IEEE Fellows

Omer Inan
"For contributions to wearable systems for health sensing"
Michael McShane
"For contributions to biomaterials-based optical biosensors"
Beibei Wang
"For contributions to wireless sensing and cognitive Communications"
Paul C.-P. Chao
"For contributions to optical bio-imaging and sensing technologies"
Radislav Potyrailo
"For contributions to sensor technologies for gas differentiation, interference rejection, and drift elimination"
Richard Syms
"For contributions to mass spectrometers based on microelectromechanical system technology"
Stephen Beeby
"For contributions to energy harvesting and its application in etextiles"
David Horsley
"For development of micro-electromechanical systems for ultrasonic transduction"
Sudip Misra
"For contributions to intelligent sensing in constrained IoT environments"
Euisik Yoon
"For contributions to bio-microelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS) technologies for opto-electrical neural interfaces and microfluidic biochips"
Bernhard Jakoby
"For contributions to fluidic sensors"
Roya Maboudian
"For contributions to surface coatings and structural materials for microelectromechanical systems"
Ashwin Seshia
"For contributions to resonant-based inertial and mode-localized sensors"
Thomas Thundat
"For contributions to multi-modal microelectromechanical systems for chemical and biological sensors"
Kukjin Chun
"For leadership in microelectromechanical systems technology development."
Ravinder Dahiya
"For contributions to tactile sensing."
Deepak Uttamchandani
"For contributions to photonics-based sensing."
Julian Gardner
"For contributions to electronic noses and gas sensors."
Hulya Kirkici
"For contributions to high frequency, high field dielectric breakdown and electrical insulation for space and aerospace power systems."
Sandro Carrara
"For contributions to design of nanoscale biological CMOS sensors."
Paddy French
"For contributions to micro-electromechanical devices and systems​."
Weileun Fang
"For contributions to measurement methods and process technologies for micro-electro-mechanical systems."
Andrei Shkel
"For contributions to micromachined gyroscopes"
Srinivas Tadigadapa
"For contributions to microeletromechanical systems for fluidic and biochemical sensors."
Thilo Sauter
"For contributions to synchronization and security in automation networks"
Zeynep Celik-Butler
"For contributions to the understanding of noise and fluctuation phenomena in solid-state devices."
Yogesh Gianchandani
"For contributions to silicon-based microactuators and on-chip microplasmas."
Veena Misra
"For contributions to metal electrodes and high-K dielectrics for CMOS applications."
Subhas Mukhopadhyay
"For development of low-cost smart sensors and sensing systems."
Gianluca Lazzi
"For contributions to bioelectromagnetics and implantable devices."
Lina​ ​Sarro
"For contributions to micromachined sensors, actuators, and microsystems."
Okyay Kaynak
"For contributions to variable structure systems theory and its applications in mechatronics."
Franco Maloberti
"For contributions to design methodologies for analog integrated circuits and outstanding leadership in microelectronics education and research."
Mona Zaghloul
"For leadership in education and research in integrated circuit design and their application to neural networks."
Vladimir Lumelski
"For contributions to the field of robotics and automation, particularly for developing the theory of sensor-based motion planning in an uncertain environment."
Robert Bannon
"For leadership in ocean engineering and the practical application of sensor technologies."
Donald Malocha
"For contributions to the development of computer-aided design for surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducers and filters."
Michael Shur
"For contributions to the development of high-speed devices and integrated circuits."
John R. Vig
"For contributions to the technology of quartz crystals for precision frequency control and timing."
H Troy Nagle
"For contributions to industrial electronics, data acquisition, and control instrumentation."