List of Special Issues - Call for Papers

Title of the Special Issues
Publication Date
Guest Editor
Photonic Quantum Sensors Devices and Applications
Submission closes on September 30, 2024
Hugo E. Hernández Figueroa, Euclides Lourenco Chuma, Bonnie L. Marlow, Guilherme B. Xavier, Santosh Kumar, Carlos Ruiz Zamarreño
Machine Learning for Radio Frequency Sensing
Submission closes on June 30, 2024
Avik Santra, Ashish Pandharipande, Pu (Perry) Wang, George Shaker, Bhavani Shankar Mysore, Guido Dolmans, Yan Chen, Negin Shariati Moghadam
Selected Papers From the IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference
by invitation only
Jeong Bong Lee, Bernhard Jakoby
Sensors for Sustainable Future
Submission closed
Sofia Sandhu, Danilo Demarchi, Victor Grimblatt, Shiv Gobind Singh, Ravinder Dahiya
Energy-Efficient Embedded Intelligent Sensor Systems
Submission closed
Michele Magno, Ohta, Jun, Daniela De Venuto, Jan Rabey, Giuseppe Ferri, Linda Milor, Seonyung Heo
Smartness and Robustness of Spatial Environment Perception in Automated Systems
Submission closed
Tai Fei, João Paulo J. da Costa, Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Nevine Demitri, Markus Gardill, Shengheng Liu, Lan Lan, Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri

List of Special Issues – Past

Title of the Special Issues
Publication Date
Guest Editor
Selected Papers From the IEEE Sensors 2022 Conference
15 March, 2024
Jeong Bong Lee, Rolland Vida
Urban Sensing: Applications, Technologies and Systems
1 March, 2024
Gautam Srivastava, Ashish Pandharipande, Sabrina Sicari, Khaled N. Salama, C.K.M. Lee, Norbert Herencsar
Special Issue based on Papers from IEEE FLEPS 2021 Conference
15 October, 2023
Luigi Occhipinti, Joseph Andrews, Vincenzo Pecunia, Arokia Nathan
Self-powered Sensors: Architectures, Applications and Challenge
15 September, 2023
Shahid Mumtaz, Mehmet Yuce, Jun Chen, Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Edward Sazonov, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Chunsheng Zhu, Ikram Ashraf
Sensing and Machine Learning for Automotive Perception
1 June, 2023
Avik Santra, Ashish Pandharipande, Pu (Perry) Wang, Sevgi Zubeyde Gurbuz, Javier Ibanez-Guzman, Chih-Hong Cheng, Justin Dauwels, Guofa Li
Role of Smart Sensing for Communicable Diseases (Including COVID-19)
15 Jan, 2023
Hari Prabhat Gupta, Uttam Ghosh, Biplab Sikdar, Tanima Dutta, Jan Faigl, Venkat R. Bhethanabotla, Kunal Mondal
Selected Papers From the IEEE Sensors 2020 Conference
15 June, 2022
Gijs Krijnen, Rolland Vida
Special Issue based on Papers from the IEEE FLEPS 2020 Conference
1 December, 2021
Ravinder Dahiya, Luigi Occhipinti, Arokia Nathan
Advanced Sensors and Sensing Technologies for Indoor Positioning and Navigation
15 March, 2022
Valérie Renaudin, Chan Gook Park, Masanori Sugimoto, Dongyan Wei, Stefan Knauth, Francesco Potortì, Jari Nurmi, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Kyle O'Keefe
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