What is MYOSA

MYOSA (Make Your Own Sensors Applications) is a plug-and-play, multipurpose, multi-sensor system for learning and developing sensor based applications. The entire system of MYOSA is like a lego set. All the components of this system are in the form of ‘blocks’ and can simply be plugged into each other. Various blocks include multiple sensors, actuators and an OLED display that shows the sensor readings. This ‘plug and chug’ feature provides the users with ready-to-apply connections of all the necessary components with the motherboard. One doesn’t have to worry about tons of wires and can directly jump to developing creative applications!  The motherboard of MYOSA is an Arduino derived opensource board.  The motherboard also has a Bluetooth module through which the output data gets transferred to the MYOSA mobile app. Thus, MYOSA is a complete package for getting introduced to the world of sensors and creating wonderful real life applications!


Smart cities, smart homes, smart streetlights, smart parking, smart irrigation, smart health monitoring… and the list goes on!  “Smart System” is the new buzzword! One might wonder, “What makes a system smart?” And the answer is Sensors! Be it health, education, agriculture, industry, finance, no sector is left untouched by the sensor technology. Sensors help you sense, measure and respond to a  situation by making appropriate decisions. Thus, learning about this path-breaking technology, at the pre-university stage is very important for all the budding engineers. With a motivation to make this learning process burden free and full of fun, we have designed and developed the MYOSA board. The core concept of MYOSA is ‘plug and play’ so that the students and programmers can develop useful sensor applications without getting involved in the very basic sensor coding and wired operations. MYOSA, thus, aims at providing an easy and playful hands-on experience with the world of sensors!

Components of MYOSA:
  • The Motherboard
  • MYOSA Sensorboards
  • MYOSA Actuators
  • Onboard Bluetooth
  • Plug and Play WiFi
  • The Mobile Application
  • The Firmware
  • Packaging
MYOSA Motherboard

The MYOSA Motherboard is an Arduino derived, open-source, controller board. All the block modules provided in the MYOSA kit can directly be plugged into the motherboard and used. For technical specifications and details Read more

MYOSA Sensorboards

MYOSA Sensorboards are the part of MYOSA Plug-n-Play concept, which on simply connecting to the MYOSA Motherboard will start reading the inputs from the Sensorboard and display it on the OLED. This relieves you from all the toil of connecting jumper wires, writing the code to get the readings, setting it up and all the mess. The readings will also be immediately displayed on the MYOSA Mobile App in the form of graphs if it is connected with the MYOSA Motherboard. You can also connect sensors and inputs which aren’t a part of MYOSA Kit simply like you connect it to other boards in the market. For the list of all the MYOSA sensorsboards and technical specifications.
Read more

MYOSA Actuators

For greater extendibility and use of MYOSA, actuators like LED and micromotor have been provided in the form of modules. These modules can simply be plugged into the motherboard and the outputs in the form of lighting up of LEDs and the rotation of motors can be triggered. For the list of actuators and technical specifications Read more

Wireless Connectivity
  • Onboard Bluetooth v2.0 (HC-05): It provides a bridge between the MYOSA hardware and the mobile application.
  • Plug and Play WiFi  (ESP8266-12E): It facilitates wireless communication and data transfer among motherboard and sensors, within the sensors, and over the cloud storage. For technical specifications  Read more
The Mobile Application

For handy access of the sensors’ readings and data, the MYOSA Android app has been developed. The data observed on the OLED display is uploaded to the app via Bluetooth module and updated continuously. Changing trends of the sensor readings can be studied using the graphs available on the app. For further features of the app and its code Read more

The Firmware

The firmware, that is the code of the entire MYOSA system is has been made open source. The complete code is available to use and extend for developing the sensor applications using the MYOSA kit. For downloading all the MYOSA codes and libraries Read more


The MYOSA kit has been packaged with the intention of making it attractive to use. The controller board and sensors are housed in 3D-printed semi-transparent boxes. They have been designed and printed by our own team at the Smart City Lab of DA-IICT, India. The top covers are made of transparent acrylic sheets. Different shades of translucent colours make the MYOSA Boards attractive to use. Slots for connections have been made in these housing design for hassle-free plug-and-play action. They provide 360-degree rotation at the connections. The entire design and packaging of MYOSA is very robust and provides great ease of access.

Applications of MYOSA

The entire MYOSA kit can be used in solving various real life situations using the power of sensors. With the availability of multipurpose sensors, actuators and a powerful motherboard, lots of useful applications can be implemented. A sample application of “Fire detection” is given for your reference. Create tons of more such applications easily with MYOSA!
Click here for the sample application tutorial

Creative Commons LicenseMYOSA is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4