Industry Liaisons

The IEEE Sensor Council Industrial Liaison Committee (SC-ILC) was established in 2016.


  • to drive stronger industry engagement in the area of sensors and 
  • to establish the industry track as part of the IEEE SENSORS flagship conference. 
  • to provide a channel to keep the industry chairs of the IEEE SENSORS conference series connected to enable implementation and learning of good ideas from conference to conference. 

SC-ILC Composition:

Chair: Gerard Hayes
Vice Chair: Sri Chandra

Past Chair: Sri Chandra, IEEE Standards Association (
Standing Members: The appointed Co-Chairs of the IEEE SENSORS Conferences’ Industry Day (current year and the year before)
For the year 2020, they are:

  1. Fred Roozeboom, Senior scientific advisor, TNO-Holst Centre, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  2. Felix Mayer, Chairman, Sensirion

Other Members:

Name Role/Individual Affiliation
Allen Chen Chair, IEEE IES Standards Committee
Antonio Jara Chair, IEEE P2510 (Quality of Sensor Data)
Bruce Hecht Sensors Expert, Treasurer – IEEE Sensors Council
Christina Schober IEEE Sensors Council
Gerard Hayes Chair, IEEE SC Standards Committee
Gopalakrishna Kuppa Chair, IEEE 1451-99 India Group (IoT Harmonisation)
Herbert Bennett Chair, IEEE 2700 (Sensor Performance)
James Covington President, ISOCS
Kang Lee Chair, IEEE IMS TC-9 Sensors Standards Committee
Kenneth Foust Vice-Chair, IEEE 2700 (Sensor Performance)
Maruthi Rao Expert, IEEE 1451-99 India Group (IoT Harmonisation)
Ravi Subramaniam IEEE Conformity Assessment, IEEE SA
Ravi Subramaniam IEEE Conformity Assessment, IEEE SA
Surya Dasika Student, Columbia University
Susan Schiffman Chair, IEEE P2520 (Testing Machine Olfaction)
Troy Nagle IEEE SC Standards Committee
Vanessa Lalitte Program Manager, IEEE SA
Vanessa Lalitte Program Manager, IEEE SA
Victor Huang Vice-Chair, IEEE IES Standards Committee
William Miller Chair, IEEE 1451-99 (IoT Harmonisation, Sensors/TEDS)

Current Initiatives of SC-ILC 2020: 

  • Industry focused events – workshops, panels, talks (at IEEE SENSORS annual meeting and other key IEEE Conferences)
  • Work in close collaboration with IEEE SENSORS Standards Committee to do identify opportunity to create new standards in emerging areas for sensors within IEEE Standards Association
  • Focus on Virtual Events and Webinars on specific focus areas