Women in Sensors (WiSe)

Women in Sensors (WiSe) aims to promote globally, the presence and advancement of persons who identify as women in the technical area and professions related to sensors. It is targeted at professional women in sensing technology, from industry or academia, and will provide the opportunity to create communities to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide support through highly interactive sessions designed to foster discussion and collaboration.

WiSe Features
To help promote the women in the sensors field, their work and achievements, we will be featuring select individuals on our website and at the Sensors Council sponsored conferences – SENSORS, INERTIAL, and FLEPS.

To be considered for the features, please complete the following Google form*. If you are unable to access this form due to country restrictions, please send the following information and photo in an email to Amanda Osborn.

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*By submitting this form, you give consent to the Sensors Council to use your image, name, and other information provided via the form on the Sensors Council website, newsletter, at events and sponsored conferences, etc. If you no longer wish for your content to be displayed, please contact Amanda Osborn.

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WiSe @ IEEE SENSORS Conference
Each year a number of WiSe events are planned for IEEE SENSORS, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking reception. It aims to highlight the excellence of female sensors researchers and bring together all researchers, scientists, industry practitioners and other like-minded people to share ideas and debate on the issues relevant to women in different sensor fields.

If you or your Chapter are interested in hosting a WiSe event, please contact Hamida Hallil, WiSe Chair, at hamida.hallil-abbas@u-bordeaux.fr.