Review Papers

Below is the list of review articles that have appeared in the IEEE Sensors Journal since the Journal’s inception in 2001.

Published in 2021
278Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing With the TacTip: A Review
277Recent Advances and Future Directions of Microwave Photonic Radars: A Review
276Fundamentals and Advancements of Topology Discovery in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks: A Review
275Application of Physiological Sensors for Personalization in Semi-Autonomous Driving: A Review
274Metal-Organic Framework Materials Coupled to Optical Fibers for Chemical Sensing: A Review
273Dielectrics for Non-Contact ECG Bioelectrodes: A Review
272Research of Low-Power MEMS-Based Micro Hotplates Gas Sensor: A Review
271MEMS Gas Sensors: A Review
270Performance, Challenges, and Limitations in Multimodal Fall Detection Systems: A Review
269Nanomaterials-Based Sensors for Respiratory Viral Detection: A Review
268Metal/Metal Oxide Modified Graphene Nanostructures for Electrical Biosensing Applications: A Review
267Oxygen Adsorption and Photoconduction Models for Metal Oxide Semiconductors: A Review
266Principle and Application State of Fully Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Detection Technology Based on Φ-OTDR: A Review
265Recent Advancements in the Development of Sensors for the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) at High-Temperature Environment: A Review
264Challenges and Perspectives on Biosensors for Highly Sensitive Quantification of Salivary Troponins: A Review
263Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Cardiorespiratory Monitoring: A Review
262Assessment of Hip and Knee Joints and Implants Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring: A Scoping Review
261Recent Advances in Electrochemical Sensors for Wearable Sweat Monitoring: A Review
260The Most Common Methods for Breath Acetone Concentration Detection: A Review
259Recent Development in Condition Monitoring Methodologies of MOSA Employing Leakage Current Signal: A Review
258Contact and Remote Breathing Rate Monitoring Techniques: A Review
257Application of Fractal Geometry in Gas Sensor: A Review
256Human Activity Recognition With Smartphone and Wearable Sensors Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Review
255Advances and Disturbances in sEMG-Based Intentions and Movements Recognition: A Review
254Miniature FSCV Devices: A Review
253Intrusion Detection Systems in RPL-Based 6LoWPAN: A Systematic Literature Review
253Conductance Sensors for Multiphase Flow Measurement: A Review
252Contactless Methods For Measuring Respiratory Rate: A Review
251Signal Processing for Single Biomolecule Identification Using Nanopores: A Review
250Hydrogel-Based Chemical and Biochemical Sensors—A Review and Tutorial Paper
249Compact Thermal Sensors for Dense CPU Thermal Monitoring and Regulation: A Review
248Singlemode-Multimode-Singlemode Fiber Structures for Sensing Applications—A Review
247Diaphragm-Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors: A Review and Tutorial
246Fiber-Optic Hydrogen Sensors: A Review
245Label-Free Biosensors Based on Long Period Fiber Gratings: A Review
244Advances in Fiber Optic DNA-Based Sensors: A Review
243Enhanced Backscattering Optical Fiber Distributed Sensors: Tutorial and Review
242Optoelectronic and Nanosensors Detection Systems: A Review
241Advancements in Grating Nanostructure Based Plasmonic Sensors in Last Two Decades: A Review
240Piezoelectric MEMS Resonators: A Review
239Tactile Sensing Systems for Tumor Characterization: A Review
238CMOS-Based Tactile Force Sensor: A Review
237Magnetic Targeting Systems for Endo-Bronchoscope Diagnosis and Intramedullary-Nail Surgery: A Review
236Social Sensing in IoT Applications: A Review
235Physical Sensors Based on Laser-Induced Graphene: A Review
234Application of Nanomaterials for Chemical and Biological Sensors: A Review
233Machine Learning for Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review
232The Birth of a New Field: Memristive Sensors. A Review
231Pattern Recognition for Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing: A Review
230Sensor-Driven Achieving of Smart Living: A Review
229Millimeter Wave Sensing: A Review of Application Pipelines and Building Blocks
228Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Force Sensing in Robot-Assisted Cardiac Interventions: A Review
227Partial Discharge Detection in an Oil-Filled Power Transformer Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: A Review
226Recent Applications of Different Microstructure Designs in High Performance Tactile Sensors: A Review
225Biomedical Catheters With Integrated Miniature Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors: A Review)
224Fabrication Strategies and Measurement Techniques for Performance Improvement of Graphene/Graphene Derivative Based FET Gas Sensor Devices: A Review
223Portable Sensing Devices for Detection of COVID-19: A Review
222Applications of Digital Signal Processing in Monitoring Machining Processes and Rotary Components: A Review
221Wireless Power and Data Transmission for Implanted Devices via Inductive Links: A Systematic Review
220Industrial Fluid Flow Measurement Using Optical Fiber Sensors: A Review
219Potential Applications of Mobile and Wearable Devices for Psychological Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review
218Instrumented Hip Implant: A Review
217Technologies and Applications of Angle Sensors: A Review
216Anomalies Detection Through Smartphone Sensors: A Review
215Multi-Object Detection and Tracking, Based on DNN, for Autonomous Vehicles: A Review
214Data Processing Approaches on SPAD-Based d-TOF LiDAR Systems: A Review
213Optical Grating Techniques for MEMS-Based Spectrometer: A Review
212Photovoltaic Self-Powered Gas Sensing: A Review
211Impedance Spectroscopy of Adherent Mammalian Cell Culture for Biochemical Applications: A Review
210Nanomaterials-Based Biosensors for COVID-19 Detection—A Review
209Medium Access Control Protocols for Flying Ad Hoc Networks: A Review
208Laser-Based Systems for Standoff Detection of CWA: A Short Review
207Multi-Resident Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring Using Radar: A Review
206Spectral Discrimination Sensors Based on Nanomaterials and Nanostructures: A Review
205Wearable Carbon-Based Resistive Sensors for Strain Detection: A Review
204Electrode Polarization Impedance and Its Application in Flow Rate Measurement of Conductive Liquid: A Review
203Potential Microfluidic Devices for COVID-19 Antibody Detection at Point-of-Care (POC): A Review
202Organic Electrochemical Transistors as an Emerging Platform for Bio-Sensing Applications: A Review
201Vision and Inertial Sensing Fusion for Human Action Recognition: A Review
200Wearable Sensors for Real-Time Kinematics Analysis in Sports: A Review
199Low Power Processors and Image Sensors for Vision-Based IoT Devices: A Review
198Deep 3D Object Detection Networks Using LiDAR Data: A Review
197Fifteen Years of Progress at Zero Velocity: A Review
196Data Analytics in Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential-Based Brain–Computer Interface: A Review
195Wearable Multiple Modality Bio-Signal Recording and Processing on Chip: A Review
194Fault Diagnosis for Electrical Systems and Power Networks: A Review
193Current Algorithms, Communication Methods and Designs for Underwater Swarm Robotics: A Review
192Advances in Optical Fiber Sensors Based on Multimode Interference (MMI): A Review
191Trends and Applications of U-Shaped Fiber Optic Sensors: A Review
190Concepts, Roadmaps and Challenges of Ovenized MEMS Gyroscopes: A Review
Published in 2020
189Theoretical Model and Design Considerations of U-Shaped Fiber Optic Sensors
188Impedance and Noise of Passive and Active Dry EEG Electrodes
187ISFET-Based Sensing and Electric Field Actuation of DNA for On-Chip Detection: A Review
186Humidity Sensors for High Energy Physics Applications: A Review
185Evolution of Lock-In Amplifier as Portable Sensor Interface Platform: A Review
184Progress and Prospects of Multimodal Fusion Methods in Physical Human–Robot Interaction: A Review
183On Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Routing Protocols: A Review
182Advances in HbA1c Biosensor Development Based on Field Effect Transistors: A Review
181Customizable Optical Pressure Sensor Based on Optimized Asymmetric Mach–Zehnder Interferometer: A Review
180Sensory Systems in Micro-Processor Controlled Prosthetic Leg: A Review
179Light-Based Indoor Positioning Systems: A Review
178Consumer Grade EEG Measuring Sensors as Research Tools: A Review
177Visual Sensors Hardware Platforms: A Review
176Recent Developments of Amorphous Selenium-Based X-Ray Detectors: A Review
175Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensors for Measuring Zero-Moment Point in Humanoid Robots: A Review
174Optical Fiber Specklegram Sensors for Mechanical Measurements: A Review
173A Mini Review of Microneedle Array Electrode for Bio-Signal Recording: A Review
172Breath Acetone Sensors as Non-Invasive Health Monitoring Systems: A Review
Published in 2019
171Utilizing Blockchain to Overcome Cyber Security Concerns in the Internet of Things: A Review
170Developing Next-Generation Brain Sensing Technologies—A Review
169Sensors and Systems for Wearable Environmental Monitoring Toward IoT-Enabled Applications: A Review
168Design and Performance Perspectives on Fiber Optic Sensors With Plasmonic Nanostructures and Gratings: A Review
167Optical Fiber Sensing for Sub-Millimeter Liquid-Level Monitoring: A Review
166Heart Rate Estimation From Wrist-Worn Photoplethysmography: A Review
165RPL-Based Routing Protocols in IoT Applications: A Review
164In Situ Calibration Algorithms for Environmental Sensor Networks: A Review
163Pattern Mining Approaches Used in Sensor-Based Biometric Recognition: A Review
162Sensor Fusion Used in Applications for Hand Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review
161The Extreme Edge at the Bottom of the Internet of Things: A Review
160Fire Sensing Technologies: A Review
159Experimental Environments for the Internet of Things: A Review
158Developing Walking Assistants for Visually Impaired People: A Review
157Design and Applications of Soft Sensors in Polymer Processing: A Review
156Optical Fiber-Based Sensing, Measuring, and Implementation Methods for Slop Deformation Monitoring: A Review
155Crowdsourcing and Sensing for Indoor Localization in IoT: A Review
154Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Sensor: A Review
153Energy Efficient Solutions in Wireless Sensor Systems for Water Quality Monitoring: A Review
152Recent Advances in Multifunctional Sensing Technology on a Perspective of Multi-Sensor System: A Review
151Average Step Length Estimation Models’ Evaluation Using Inertial Sensors: A Review
150Railroad Track Condition Monitoring Using Inertial Sensors and Digital Signal Processing: A Review
149Onboard Condition Monitoring Sensors, Systems and Techniques for Freight Railway Vehicles: A Review
Published in 2018
148Optical Fiber Gratings for Humidity Measurements: A Review
147Tactile Sensors for Friction Estimation and Incipient Slip Detection—Toward Dexterous Robotic Manipulation: A Review
146A High-Speed Seam Extraction Method Based on the Novel Structured-Light Sensor for Arc Welding Robot: A Review
145SERF Atomic Magnetometer–Recent Advances and Applications: A Review
144Multi-Component FBG-Based Force Sensing Systems by Comparison With Other Sensing Technologies: A Review
143Step Length Estimation Methods Based on Inertial Sensors: A Review
142Energy Scavenging Methods for WBAN Applications: A Review
141Sensing Technologies for Monitoring Intelligent Buildings: A Review
140Capacitive Touch Systems With Styli for Touch Sensors: A Review
139Physical Sensors for Precision Aquaculture: A Review
138Sensor Applications and Physiological Features in Drivers’ Drowsiness Detection: A Review
137Empowering Technology Enabled Care Using IoT and Smart Devices: A Review
136Fly Ormia Ochracea Inspired MEMS Directional Microphone: A Review
135Wireless Sensor’s Civil Applications, Prototypes, and Future Integration Possibilities: A Review
Published in 2017
134Application of Process Tomography to Multiphase Flow Measurement in Industrial and Biomedical Fields: A Review
133Advances on Sensing Technologies for Smart Cities and Power Grids: A Review
132A Survey of Train Positioning Solutions
131Wearable Flexible Sensors: A Review
130Radar and RGB-Depth Sensors for Fall Detection: A Review
129Non-Invasive Stimulation-Based Tactile Sensation for Upper-Extremity Prosthesis: A Review
128Fiber-Optic Force Sensors for MRI-Guided Interventions and Rehabilitation: A Review
127Localization of Wireless Capsule Endoscope: A Systematic Review
126Magnetic Induction-Based Non-Conventional Media Communications: A Review
125Scanning Approaches of 2-D Resistive Sensor Arrays: A Review
124Ideas and Challenges for Securing Wireless Implantable Medical Devices: A Review
123A Survey on Activity Detection and Classification Using Wearable Sensors
122Fiber-Optic Force Sensors for MRI-Guided Interventions and Rehabilitation: A Review
121Ideas and Challenges for Securing Wireless Implantable Medical Devices: A Review
120A Review of Fiber-Optic Modal Modulated Sensors: Specklegram and Modal Power Distribution Sensing
119Wireless MEMS-Based Accelerometer Sensor Boards for Structural Vibration Monitoring: A Review
118Demodulation Techniques for Self-Oscillating Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Interfaces: A Review
117Application of Process Tomography to Multiphase Flow Measurement in Industrial and Biomedical Fields - A Review
116CO2 Laser Applications in Optical Fiber Components Fabrication and Treatment: A Review
115Capacitive Biopotential Measurement for Electrophysiological Signal Acquisition: A Review
114Recent Advances in Biosensing With Photonic Crystal Surfaces: A Review
Published in 2016
113Wearable Inertial Sensors for Human Motion Analysis: A Review
112ISFETs in CMOS and emergent trends in instrumentation: A review
111Electromechanical Sigma-Delta Modulators (ΣΔM) Force Feedback Interfaces for Capacitive MEMS Inertial Sensors: A Review
110What can MEMS do for Logistics of Food? Intelligent Container Technologies: A Review
109Toward Environmental-Adaptive Visible Light Communications Receivers for Automotive Applications: A Review
108Metaheuristics for the Lifetime of WSN: A Review
107Wearable Medical Monitoring Systems Based on Wireless Networks: A Review
106Experimental Results of a Fuzzy Controlled Variable-Speed Drive for Photovoltaic Pumping Systems: A Review
105TinyOS-New Trends, Comparative Views, and Supported Sensing Applications: A Review
104Optical Fiber Sensors in Physical Intrusion Detection Systems: A Review
103Multi-Channel Surface Electromyography Electrodes: A Review
1023D Mapping for Visualization of Rigid Structures: A Review and Comparative Study
101SPAD Figures of Merit for Photon-Counting, Photon-Timing, and Imaging Applications: A Review
Published in 2015
100Thin-Film Sensors for Detection of Formaldehyde: A Review
99Review and Comparison of Spatial Localization Methods for Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
98Multi-Modal Sensing Techniques for Interfacing Hand Prostheses: A Review
97Lossy Mode Resonance (LMR) Based Fiber Optic Sensors: A Review
96Atypical Hierarchical Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review
95Optical Current Transducers and Error Sources in Them: A Review
94Disordered Nanomaterials for Chemielectric Vapor Sensing: A Review
93SoI Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for Radiation Detection Applications: A Review
92The Rogowski Coil Principles and Applications: A Review
91Wearable Sensing for Solid Biomechanics: A Review
Published in 2014
90Printable Displays and Light Sources for Sensor Applications: A Review
89Electrical Impedance Tomography for Artificial Sensitive Robotic Skin: A Review
88Technologies for Printing Sensors and Electronics over Large Flexible Substrates: A Review
87Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review
86Applications of Animal Biosensors: A Review
85Wireless Sensor Systems for Space and Extreme Environments: A Review
84Implementation of Tactile Sensing for Palpation in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Review
83Enhanced Inertial-Aided Indoor Tracking System for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review
82Integrated Wireless Sensor Systems via Near-Space and Satellite Platforms: A Review
81Multi-Dimensional MEMS/Micro Sensor for Force and Moment Sensing: A Review
80Printed Antennas for Sensor Applications: A Review
79Characterizations of Noise in Kinect Depth Images: A Review
Published in 2013
78Environmental Monitoring Systems: A Review
77Review of Three-Dimensional Endoscopic Surface Imaging Techniques
76Fiber Optic Bending Sensor for Water Level Monitoring: Development and Field Test: A Review
75Sensing as a Service: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions
74Mechanomyography Sensor Development, Related Signal Processing, and Applications: A Systematic Review
73Flexible Wireless Antenna Sensor: a Review
72Post-CMOS and Post-MEMS Compatible Flexible Skin Technologies: A Review
71Artificial Sense of Slip—A Review
70Wireless Medical-Embedded Systems: A Review of Signal-Processing Techniques for Classification
69Electronic Tongues–A Review
68Directions Towards Effective Utilization of Tactile Skin - A Review
67Metrology Issues and Solutions in THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy: Noise, Errors, Calibration
66Intra-Mobility Support Solutions for Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks - Handover Issues
65Environmental Monitoring Systems: A Review
Published in 2012
64Design Strategies for Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Systems: Review and Recommendations
63Film-Type Sensor Materials PVDF and EMFi in Measurement of Cardiorespiratory Signals— A Review
62A Review of Palladium-Based Fiber-Optic Sensors for Molecular Hydrogen Detection)
61Chemical Sensing in Robotic Applications: A Review
60Wireless Medical Embedded Systems: A Review of Signal Processing Techniques for Classification
59Effects of Neutron-Gamma Radiation on Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: A Review
58Body Sensors Applied in Pacemakers: A Survey
57Biomimetic Olfactory Sensors
56State-of-the-Art Review of Technologies for Pipe Structural Health Monitoring
55Distributed Temperature Sensing: Review of Technology and Applications
54Signal and Data Processing for Machine Olfaction and Chemical Sensing: A Review
53Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls
52Comparative Study of Silicon-Based Ultraviolet Photodetectors
Published in 2011
51Unified Understanding of RF Remote Probing
50Lock-in Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras: A Survey
49Atomic Sensors – A Review
48Graphene Sensors
47Sensor Management: Past, Present, and Future
46Recent Advances in Translational Work on Implantable Sensors
45Biological Senses as Inspiring Model for Biomimetic Sensors
44Agile Sensing Systems for Tomography
43Energy Harvesting and Remote Powering for Implantable Biosensors
42Label-Free Detection of DNA by Field-Effect Devices
41Performance Evaluation of Textile-Based Electrodes and Motion Sensors for Smart Clothing
40Inkjet Printed, Self Powered, Wireless Sensors for Environmental, Gas, and Authentication-Based Sensing
39Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Theories, Applications, and its Perspectives
38Broadband Reflectometry for Diagnostics and Monitoring Applications
37Ferrite Gas Sensors
36Energy Harvesting Electronics for Vibratory Devices in Self-Powered Sensors
35Towards Tactile Sensing System on Chip for Robotic Applications
34Physical Sensors for Liquid Properties
Published in 2010
33CMOS Interfacing for Integrated Gas Sensors: A Review
32Evidence for Cancer Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath
31Advances in Magnetic Field Sensors
Published in 2009
30Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Sensors for Health and Performance Monitoring of Aerospace Systems: A Review
29Current Sensing Techniques: A Review
28Environmentally Robust MEMS Vibratory Gyroscopes for Automotive Applications
Published in 2008
27Acousto-Ultrasonic Optical Fiber Sensors: Overview and State-of-the-Art
26Review Paper: Materials and Techniques for In Vivo pH Monitoring
25New Automotive Sensors - A Review
24Nanofluidics: Systems and Applications
23Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Published in 2007
22Development of Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensors—A Review
21Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance: A Comprehensive Review
Published in 2006
20Magnetic sensors and their applications
Published in 2005
19Nuclear detection to prevent or defeat clandestine nuclear attack
18Trends in microwave spectroscopy for the detection of chemical agents
Published in 2004
17Sensor technologies for monitoring metabolic activity in single cells-part I: optical methods
16Sensor technologies for monitoring metabolic activity in single cells-part II: nonoptical methods and applications
Published in 2003
15A review of photodetectors for sensing light-emitting reporters in biological systems
Published in 2002
14Pattern analysis for machine olfaction: a review)
13The potential of microacoustic SAW- and BAW-based sensors for automotive applications - a review
12Multisensor fusion and integration: approaches, applications, and future research directions
11Coaxial range measurement - current trends for mobile robotic applications
10Learning from data: a tutorial with emphasis on modern pattern recognition methods
Published in 2001
9Overview of automotive sensors
8A review of cryogenic thermometry and common temperature sensors
7Application of piezoelectric quartz crystals to the analysis of trace metals in solution: a review
6Micromachined water vapor sensors: a review of sensing technologies
5An overview and a contribution to the optical measurement of linear displacement
4Temperature-insensitive dual-mode resonant sensors - a review
3Review of thickness-shear mode quartz resonator sensors for temperature and pressure
2Galvanic cell formation: a review of approaches to silicon etching for sensor fabrication
1Inertial sensor technology trends