Review Papers

Sensors Council maintains the list of all review articles Sensors Journal since 2001, which is given below. If you want to download this list, please click here.

181Light-Based Indoor Positioning Systems: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2020.2964380
180Consumer Grade EEG Measuring Sensors as Research Tools: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2962874
179Visual Sensors Hardware Platforms: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2952447
178Recent Developments of Amorphous Selenium-Based X-Ray Detectors: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2950319
177Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensors for Measuring Zero-Moment Point in Humanoid Robots: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2947719
176A Mini Review of Microneedle Array Electrode for Bio-Signal Recording: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2944847
175Optical Fiber Specklegram Sensors for Mechanical Measurements: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2944906
174Breath Acetone Sensors as Non-Invasive Health Monitoring Systems: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2942693
173A Mini Review of Microneedle Array Electrode for Bio-Signal Recording: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2944847
172Breath Acetone Sensors as Non-Invasive Health Monitoring Systems: A Review202010.1109/JSEN.2019.2942693
171Utilizing Blockchain to Overcome Cyber Security Concerns in the Internet of Things: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2935035
170Developing Next-Generation Brain Sensing Technologies—A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2931159
169Sensors and Systems for Wearable Environmental Monitoring Toward IoT-Enabled Applications: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2919352
168Design and Performance Perspectives on Fiber Optic Sensors With Plasmonic Nanostructures and Gratings: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2915274
167Optical Fiber Sensing for Sub-Millimeter Liquid-Level Monitoring: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2915031
166Heart Rate Estimation From Wrist-Worn Photoplethysmography: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2914166
165RPL-Based Routing Protocols in IoT Applications: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2910881
164In Situ Calibration Algorithms for Environmental Sensor Networks: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2910317
163Pattern Mining Approaches Used in Sensor-Based Biometric Recognition: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2894972
162Sensor Fusion Used in Applications for Hand Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2897083
161The Extreme Edge at the Bottom of the Internet of Things: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2891911
160Fire Sensing Technologies: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2894665
159Experimental Environments for the Internet of Things: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2894127
158Developing Walking Assistants for Visually Impaired People: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2890423
157Design and Applications of Soft Sensors in Polymer Processing: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2885609
156Optical Fiber-Based Sensing, Measuring, and Implementation Methods for Slope Deformation Monitoring: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2019.2891734
155Crowdsourcing and Sensing for Indoor Localization in IoT: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2880180
154Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Sensor: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2886131
153Energy Efficient Solutions in Wireless Sensor Systems for Water Quality Monitoring: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2882424
152Recent Advances in Multifunctional Sensing Technology on a Perspective of Multi-Sensor System: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2882239
151Average Step Length Estimation Models’ Evaluation Using Inertial Sensors: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2878646
150Railroad Track Condition Monitoring Using Inertial Sensors and Digital Signal Processing: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2875600
149Onboard Condition Monitoring Sensors, Systems and Techniques for Freight Railway Vehicles: A Review201910.1109/JSEN.2018.2875160
148Optical Fiber Gratings for Humidity Measurements: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2870585
147Tactile Sensors for Friction Estimation and Incipient Slip Detection—Toward Dexterous Robotic Manipulation: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2868340
146A High-Speed Seam Extraction Method Based on the Novel Structured-Light Sensor for Arc Welding Robot: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2867581
145SERF Atomic Magnetometer–Recent Advances and Applications: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2863707
144Multi-Component FBG-Based Force Sensing Systems by Comparison With Other Sensing Technologies: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2861014
143Step Length Estimation Methods Based on Inertial Sensors: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2857502
142Energy Scavenging Methods for WBAN Applications: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2851187
141Sensing Technologies for Monitoring Intelligent Buildings: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2829268
140Capacitive Touch Systems With Styli for Touch Sensors: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2830660
139Physical Sensors for Precision Aquaculture: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2817158
138Sensor Applications and Physiological Features in Drivers’ Drowsiness Detection: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2018.2807245
137Empowering Technology Enabled Care Using IoT and Smart Devices: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2017.2786301
136Fly Ormia Ochracea Inspired MEMS Directional Microphone: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2017.2787862
135Wireless Sensor’s Civil Applications, Prototypes, and Future Integration Possibilities: A Review201810.1109/JSEN.2017.2766364
134Application of Process Tomography to Multiphase Flow Measurement in Industrial and Biomedical Fields: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2682929
133Advances on Sensing Technologies for Smart Cities and Power Grids: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2735539
132A Survey of Train Positioning Solutions201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2747137
131Wearable Flexible Sensors: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2705700
130Radar and RGB-Depth Sensors for Fall Detection: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2697077
129Non-Invasive Stimulation-Based Tactile Sensation for Upper-Extremity Prosthesis: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2674965
128Fiber-Optic Force Sensors for MRI-Guided Interventions and Rehabilitation: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2654489
127Localization of Wireless Capsule Endoscope: A Systematic Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2645945
126Magnetic Induction-Based Non-Conventional Media Communications: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2640190
125Scanning Approaches of 2-D Resistive Sensor Arrays: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2641001
124Ideas and Challenges for Securing Wireless Implantable Medical Devices: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2633973
123A Survey on Activity Detection and Classification Using Wearable Sensors201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2628346
122Fiber-Optic Force Sensors for MRI-Guided Interventions and Rehabilitation: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2654489
121Ideas and Challenges for Securing Wireless Implantable Medical Devices: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2633973
120A Review of Fiber-Optic Modal Modulated Sensors: Specklegram and Modal Power Distribution Sensing201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2658683
119Localization of Wireless Capsule Endoscope: A Systematic Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2645945
118Wireless MEMS-Based Accelerometer Sensor Boards for Structural Vibration Monitoring: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2630008
118Demodulation Techniques for Self-Oscillating Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Interfaces: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2677526
117Non-invasive Stimulation based Tactile Sensation for Upper-extremity Prosthesis: a Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2674965
116Application of Process Tomography to Multiphase Flow Measurement in Industrial and Biomedical Fields – A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2682929
115Magnetic Induction-Based Non-Conventional Media Communications: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2640190
114Scanning Approaches of 2-D Resistive Sensor Arrays: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2641001
113CO2 Laser Applications in Optical Fiber Components Fabrication and Treatment: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2017.2682186
112Capacitive Biopotential Measurement for Electrophysiological Signal Acquisition: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2016.2519392
111Recent Advances in Biosensing With Photonic Crystal Surfaces: A Review201710.1109/JSEN.2015.2429738
110Wearable Inertial Sensors for Human Motion Analysis: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2609392
109ISFETs in CMOS and emergent trends in instrumentation: A review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2585920
108Electromechanical Sigma-Delta Modulators (ΣΔM) Force Feedback Interfaces for Capacitive MEMS Inertial Sensors: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2582198
107What can MEMS do for Logistics of Food? Intelligent Container Technologies: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2576287
106Toward Environmental-Adaptive Visible Light Communications Receivers for Automotive Applications: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2529019
105Metaheuristics for the Lifetime of WSN: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2523061
104Wearable Medical Monitoring Systems Based on Wireless Networks: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2597312
103Experimental Results of a Fuzzy Controlled Variable-Speed Drive for Photovoltaic Pumping Systems: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2524530
102TinyOS-New Trends, Comparative Views, and Supported Sensing Applications: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2519924
101Optical Fiber Sensors in Physical Intrusion Detection Systems: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2535465
101Multi-Channel Surface Electromyography Electrodes: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2016.2569072
1003D Mapping for Visualization of Rigid Structures: A Review and Comparative Study201610.1109/JSEN.2015.2498940
99SPAD Figures of Merit for Photon-Counting, Photon-Timing, and Imaging Applications: A Review201610.1109/JSEN.2015.2483565
98Thin-Film Sensors for Detection of Formaldehyde: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2457931
97Review and Comparison of Spatial Localization Methods for Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2450742
96Multi-Modal Sensing Techniques for Interfacing Hand Prostheses: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2450211
95Lossy Mode Resonance (LMR) Based Fiber Optic Sensors: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2448123
94Atypical Hierarchical Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2445796
93Optical Current Transducers and Error Sources in Them: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2428652
92Disordered Nanomaterials for Chemielectric Vapor Sensing: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2014.2364677
91SoI Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for Radiation Detection Applications: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2389271
90The Rogowski Coil Principles and Applications: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2014.2362940
89Wearable Sensing for Solid Biomechanics: A Review201510.1109/JSEN.2015.2393883
88Printable Displays and Light Sources for Sensor Applications: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2378144
87Electrical Impedance Tomography for Artificial Sensitive Robotic Skin: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2375346
86Technologies for Printing Sensors and Electronics over Large Flexible Substrates: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2375203
85Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2370945
84Applications of Animal Biosensors: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2358261
83Wireless Sensor Systems for Space and Extreme Environments: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2357030
82Implementation of Tactile Sensing for Palpation in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2325794
81Enhanced Inertial-Aided Indoor Tracking System for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2325775
80Integrated Wireless Sensor Systems via Near-Space and Satellite Platforms: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2356580
79Multi-Dimensional MEMS/Micro Sensor for Force and Moment Sensing: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2313860
78Printed Antennas for Sensor Applications: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2013.2293516
77Characterizations of Noise in Kinect Depth Images: A Review201410.1109/JSEN.2014.2309987
76Environmental Monitoring Systems: A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2012.2233469
75Review of Three-Dimensional Endoscopic Surface Imaging Techniques201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2294679
74Fiber Optic Bending Sensor for Water Level Monitoring: Development and Field Test: A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2278074
73Sensing as a Service: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2262677
72Mechanomyography Sensor Development, Related Signal Processing, and Applications: A Systematic Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2255982
71Flexible Wireless Antenna Sensor: a Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2242464
70Post-CMOS and Post-MEMS Compatible Flexible Skin Technologies: A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2262375
69Artificial Sense of Slip—A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2252890
68Wireless Medical-Embedded Systems: A Review of Signal-Processing Techniques for Classification201310.1109/JSEN.2012.2222572
67Electronic Tongues–A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2263125
66Directions Towards Effective Utilization of Tactile Skin – A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2279056
65Metrology Issues and Solutions in THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy: Noise, Errors, Calibration201310.1109/JSEN.2012.2208624
64Intra-Mobility Support Solutions for Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks – Handover Issues201310.1109/JSEN.2013.2267729
63Environmental Monitoring Systems: A Review201310.1109/JSEN.2012.2233469
62Design Strategies for Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor Systems: Review and Recommendations201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2204321
61Film-Type Sensor Materials PVDF and EMFi in Measurement of Cardiorespiratory Signals— A Review201210.1109/JSEN.2010.2089510
60A Review of Palladium-Based Fiber-Optic Sensors for Molecular Hydrogen Detection201210.1109/JSEN.2011.2138130
59Chemical Sensing in Robotic Applications: A Review201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2208740
58Wireless Medical Embedded Systems: A Review of Signal Processing Techniques for Classification201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2222572
57Effects of Neutron-Gamma Radiation on Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: A Review201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2214030
56Body Sensors Applied in Pacemakers: A Survey201210.1109/JSEN.2011.2177256
55Biomimetic Olfactory Sensors201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2214118
54State-of-the-Art Review of Technologies for Pipe Structural Health Monitoring201210.1109/JSEN.2011.2181161
53Distributed Temperature Sensing: Review of Technology and Applications201210.1109/JSEN.2011.2162060
52Signal and Data Processing for Machine Olfaction and Chemical Sensing: A Review201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2192920
51Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls201210.1109/JSEN.2011.2146246
50Comparative Study of Silicon-Based Ultraviolet Photodetectors201210.1109/JSEN.2012.2192103
49Unified Understanding of RF Remote Probing201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167228
48Lock-in Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras: A Survey201110.1109/JSEN.2010.2101060
47Atomic Sensors – A Review201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2157679
46Graphene Sensors201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167608
46Sensor Management: Past, Present, and Future201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167964
45Recent Advances in Translational Work on Implantable Sensors201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2166995
44Biological Senses as Inspiring Model for Biomimetic Sensors201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167321
43Agile Sensing Systems for Tomography201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2164905
42Energy Harvesting and Remote Powering for Implantable Biosensors201110.1109/JSEN.2010.2085042
41Label-Free Detection of DNA by Field-Effect Devices201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167143
40Performance Evaluation of Textile-Based Electrodes and Motion Sensors for Smart Clothing201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167508
39Inkjet Printed, Self Powered, Wireless Sensors for Environmental, Gas, and Authentication-Based Sensing201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2166996
38Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Theories, Applications, and its Perspectives201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2166383
37Broadband Reflectometry for Diagnostics and Monitoring Applications201110.1109/JSEN.2010.2060322
36Ferrite Gas Sensors201110.1109/JSEN.2010.2068285
35Energy Harvesting Electronics for Vibratory Devices in Self-Powered Sensors201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167965
34Towards Tactile Sensing System on Chip for Robotic Applications201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2159835
33Physical Sensors for Liquid Properties201110.1109/JSEN.2011.2167716
32CMOS Interfacing for Integrated Gas Sensors: A Review201010.1109/JSEN.2010.2046409
31Evidence for Cancer Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath201010.1109/JSEN.2009.2035669
30Advances in Magnetic Field Sensors201010.1109/JSEN.2010.2043429
29Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Sensors for Health and Performance Monitoring of Aerospace Systems: A Review200910.1109/JSEN.2009.2026996
28Current Sensing Techniques: A Review200910.1109/JSEN.2009.2013914
27Environmentally Robust MEMS Vibratory Gyroscopes for Automotive Applications200910.1109/JSEN.2009.2026466
26Acousto-Ultrasonic Optical Fiber Sensors: Overview and State-of-the-Art200810.1109/JSEN.2008.926894
25Review Paper: Materials and Techniques for In Vivo pH Monitoring200810.1109/JSEN.2007.912522
24New Automotive Sensors – A Review200810.1109/JSEN.2008.2006452
23Nanofluidics: Systems and Applications200810.1109/JSEN.2008.918758
22Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Sensors200810.1109/JSEN.2007.912539
21Development of Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensors—A Review200710.1109/JSEN.2006.886863
20Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance: A Comprehensive Review200710.1109/JSEN.2007.897946
19Magnetic sensors and their applications200610.1109/JSEN.2006.874493
18Nuclear detection to prevent or defeat clandestine nuclear attack200510.1109/JSEN.2005.846376
17Trends in microwave spectroscopy for the detection of chemical agents200510.1109/JSEN.2005.851000
17Sensor technologies for monitoring metabolic activity in single cells-part I: optical methods200410.1109/JSEN.2004.830952
16Sensor technologies for monitoring metabolic activity in single cells-part II: nonoptical methods and applications200410.1109/JSEN.2004.830954
15A review of photodetectors for sensing light-emitting reporters in biological systems200310.1109/JSEN.2003.814651
14Pattern analysis for machine olfaction: a review200210.1109/JSEN.2002.800688
13The potential of microacoustic SAW- and BAW-based sensors for automotive applications – a review200210.1109/JSEN.2002.806748
12Multisensor fusion and integration: approaches, applications, and future research directions200210.1109/JSEN.2002.1000251
11Coaxial range measurement – current trends for mobile robotic applications200210.1109/7361.987055
10Learning from data: a tutorial with emphasis on modern pattern recognition methods200210.1109/JSEN.2002.800686
9Overview of automotive sensors200110.1109/7361.983469
8A review of cryogenic thermometry and common temperature sensors200110.1109/7361.983476
7Application of piezoelectric quartz crystals to the analysis of trace metals in solution: a review200110.1109/JSEN.2001.936928
6Micromachined water vapor sensors: a review of sensing technologies200110.1109/7361.983470
5An overview and a contribution to the optical measurement of linear displacement200110.1109/7361.983472
4Temperature-insensitive dual-mode resonant sensors – a review200110.1109/JSEN.2001.923588
3Review of thickness-shear mode quartz resonator sensors for temperature and pressure200110.1109/JSEN.2001.923590
2Galvanic cell formation: a review of approaches to silicon etching for sensor fabrication200110.1109/JSEN.2001.936930
1Inertial sensor technology trends200110.1109/7361.983473