YP @Sensors 2021

Organizers: Saakshi Dhanekar and Noushin Nasiri

Young Professionals Reception

Sunday, October 31st from 1:00 – 2:00 PM UTC

“Introduce Yourself with Networking for ALL young professionals”

In this fun, one-hour session, the participants learnt a tool to introduce themselves, and meet others at the conference using this networking tool. In this facilitated session, they were guided through a template to use to introduce yourself and welcome to meet others at the conference.

Young Professionals Development Program

Wednesday, November 03rd from 10 – 11.30 hrs UTC

“This was related to Innovations, Patents, Start ups and Entrepreneurship. The speakers and panellists were experts and experienced in the field”

Time: 10-10.45 hrs

Topic: Patent landscaping and start ups

Speaker: Pooja Bhatia

She is MBA, CLP, RTTP, is Chief Manager, Innovation-Technology Transfer Office (i-TTO) of the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) in New Delhi, India. Ms. Bhatia heads the i-TTO, a regional tech transfer office set up at FITT with support from National Biopharma Mission, a joint project of Government of India and World Bank, with the mandate to cater to academia, startups and incubation centres. Her work entails innovation management, technology transfer, marketing, strategic partnership, industry engagement and policy development. Ms. Bhatia serves on the CLP Exam Development and Maintenance committee.

She has over 15 years of professional experience in intellectual property, licensing, collaborations, and policy framing, and is a recipient of Global Women Leader Award 2021 and WIPF Powerful Women In IP 2021.

Time: 10.47- 11.30 hrs

Panel Discussion: Challenges, solutions and tips in starting a Start-up

Moderator: Kam Wern, University of Limerick, Ireland

Meet our Panelists: Dana Pordel, Rajul Patkar, Ravikrishnan Elangovan, Bruce Hecht

Dana Pordel is a CEO of danaXa spun off, which provides image and video annotation services to CSIRO, the Australian Institue of Sports and different companies and startups around Australia. Currently, is planning to expand beyond Australia, where it can serve the many companies in AI with large datasets of images and videos. Dana is also an investor as he invested in (AI accounting system), where the goal is to let the software manage your accounting tasks.

Rajul Patkar is the co-founder and chief executive of Proximal Soilsens Technologies. Entrepreneurship is anyways tough and particularly challenging when you are a woman starting at 50. A sheer will to inspire many other women who are in a similar boat is the key driving force for her.

Ravikrishnan Elangovan
 is a faculty in Department of Biochemical Engg and Biotechnology, IIT Delhi since 2010 and co-founder of Valetude Primus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Ravi and his team have developed four platform technologies for infectious disease diagnosis. He is keen to develop technologies to identify pathogens and drug susceptibility with a faster turnaround time in low resource settings.

Bruce Hecht
 is CEO and Chief Technology Officer, VG2PLAY, and Fellow, MIT System Design & Management, Cambridge, MA.